18,000 Gallon NGL/LPG Porta Pak

18,000 Gallon Porta Pak

18,000 Gallon NGL/LPG Porta Pak


• New manufactured tank
• ASME Section VIII/Div 1 code compliant
• National board certified
• Buying direct from pressure vessel manufacturer
• Fully valved at factory and leak tested
• Prompt deliveries
• Built to Dragon tough, oil field rugged construction standard

• Internal valves are thermal kill, pneumatic kill and excess flow kill
• Remote pneumatic kill on stand with 30’ of hose and bracket for mounting while vessel is being transported
• Bracket for nitrogen bottle and customer air supply quick connect for pneumatic kill
• Landing gear stabilizing struts for added stability
• Trailer fully wired and plumbed with standard tractor connections
• All safety decals and placards to meet DOT and NFPA
• Pintle Anchor and container locks to provide redundant removable axle assembly attachment
• Junction box mounted and wired for high level switch on frame
• All valves and components listed are Marshall-Excelsior or equivalent
• 2” LIQUID IN has back flow check valve in tank , 2” sight flow back check and 2” globe valve on driver side of vessel
• BULKHEAD located on curb side has 2” Liquid out and 1-1/4” Vapor with Tripod pull aways, 

   2” and 1-1/4” angle valves located in lock box for managing any unauthorized unloading
• One liquid and one vapor outlet with valves and excess flow for dewatering
• In addition to 30’ remote pneumatic kill , a pneumatic kill is also located on bulkhead
• Combination valve conveniently located for ease of checking tank level without ladder
• Low voltage high level switch can be wired normally open or normally closed with the customer connection junction box located on frame
• Rugged tank volume gage is designed to withstand shock loading when tank is transported empty to maintain accuracy
• Optional Urethane paint over standard included epoxy primer


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