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The Many Benefits of a Frac Tank In Industrial Use

A frac tank serves a wide range of purposes for various industries. There are a number of benefits to using these tanks. Understanding the wide range of benefits that these tanks offer can help potential customers gain a greater insight into how the tanks can be used and how they might be able to help in a particular area. Three principal areas where they are...

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Choosing the Right Oil Storage Tank for the Job

With the increase in oil drilling in the United States and on the North American continent, petroleum companies are on the lookout for the very best equipment to put on site. Since 1963, Dragon Products has been a leader in the oil industry and has the experience to help supply all needs in the field. After decades of serving the gas and oil industry with...

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Upright Production Tank for Processing Crude Oil

Processing and storing crude oil in a production tank comes at the end of the oil processing cycle. Before the oil is processed, it has to go through several stages. The crude oil (petroleum) is originally extracted from the earth as a liquid. The oil under the earth is not always the same; it can be composed of a variety of substances causing it to...

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