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Cooper SP400 Mobile
Servicing Rig

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  • Service Depth: 14,500 ft (2-1/2” tubing)
  • Workover Depth: 10,500 ft (2-7/8” DP)
  • Max. static hook load: 205,000 lbs (6 lines)
  • Clear Height, Mast: 96’ Rated Horsepower, Engine: 350 HP/ 2,200 rpm
  • Height, Tubing Board to ground: 55’-10”
  • Height, Rod Board to ground: 78’-6”
  • Carrier: 4 axle – two steer and two drive axles
  • Diameter, Wireline: 1”
  • Road Traveling dimensions: 56’-5” long x 9’-4” wide x 13’-8” high
  • Carrier Dimensions (excluding mast): 38’ long x 9’4” wide x 9’-8” high
  • Maximum Speed: 55 mph Diesel Engine
  • Specifications: (other options available)
  • Traveling Weight: 75,000 lbs estimated (not including drill line, sand line, tools, block)
  • Model: Caterpillar C9 ACERT Rated Horsepower: 350HP (2,200rpm)
  • Maximum Torque: 1,148 lb.ft (1,400rpm)
  • Transmission Specifications: (other options available)
  • Axles: Four (two steer and two drive)
  • Rating-Steering axles (two) 10 ton capacity (each)
  • Drop Box to Right Angle Drive Gear Box
  • Drop Box to Rear Drive Axles: Spicer 1710 dynamically balanced drive shaft
  • Right Angle Gear Box Sand Drum: 1-3/4” double row chain
  • Sand Drum Main Drum: 1-3/4” double row chain
  • Drawworks System: Right Angle Drive (integrated torque tube)
  • Ratio: 2.5:1 Dragon Products 96-205-6-T
  • Mast: Certification: API 4F, 3rd Edition Clear Height: 96’
  • Maximum static load: 205,000 lbs on 6-lines
  • 180,000 lbs on 4-lines

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