Cooper SP650 Mobile Servicing Rig

Cooper SP650 Oil Well Service Rig

Cooper SP650 Oil Well Service Rig


      • Certifications—API 4F
      • Mast capacity—350,000 lbs [8-lines]
      • Mast height—117’     
      • Tubing/rods—Double tubing/triple rods
      • Drawworks: [single drum version available]
        • Main Drum—42” dia x 12” wide x 1 1/8” grooving with PO324 clutch
        • Sand Drum—42” dia x 8” wide with PO224 clutch
        • Sand Drum Capacity—16,000’ of 9/16” cable
        • Assist Brake—[two options]
          • 202 Hydromatic brake.
          • 224 Water Cooled brake. [shaft mounted]
      • Drawworks brake system—Conventional band brakes.
      • Drawworks brake system cooling—Water circulating system.
      • Engine HP rating—550-600
      • Power Flow:
        • Trans to rear drive axles—1810 Spice drive shaft
        • Trans to RAD gear box—1810 Spicer drive shaft
        • RAD gear box to sand drum—140-2 chain
        • Sand drum to main drum—140-2 chain
        • Main drum to hydromatic [if equipped]—100-3 chain
      • Carrier—6 axle, 3 steer axles, 2 drive axles, one tag axle.
      • Fuel Capacity—180 gallons
      • Maximum travel speed—55 mph
      • Service Winch—12,000 lb capacity
      • Workfloor—Hydraulic fold and unfold.
      • Drillers console positions—Deck level to 30’.


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