Dragon Products, Ltd Essential to Groundbreaking Project

Dragon Products, Ltd Essential to Groundbreaking Project

Provided equipment for fracturing program in Australia helps build a community in Noonkanbah

BEAUMONT, TX—In Australia, a unique project is underway in which an energy company is working with the native Aboriginal community of Noonkanbah, in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Prior to and throughout the hydraulic fracturing program on Noonkanbah Station, there was significant engagement to ensure everyone was satisfied with the project.

Not only were meetings and tours held for local residents to better understand the process, many locals were hired to work on site. Drug and alcohol abuse has become rampant and caused numerous deaths among the Aboriginal population. With the energy company’s zero-tolerance policy regarding drugs and alcohol, not only have the young people learned a marketable skill, they have good reason to stay sober and healthy. Good jobs and good earning potential gives the local community elders reason to be optimistic that the lives of the younger generation can be turned in a positive direction. Communication and cultural understanding were key to the success of this partnership.

According to Mandy Raps of Dragon Products, “we are proud to see Dragon hydraulic frac equipment being put to good use for a worthy cause with positive social outcomes.” Dragon builds complete frac spread equipment including mobile frac pumps, blenders and cementing equipment. The collaboration between industry and community brings social and economic benefits to everyone involved.