Dragon Products, Ltd. Expands Frac Equipment Rebuilding Efforts

Dragon Products, Ltd. Expands Frac Equipment Rebuilding Efforts

With oil prices on the rise according to a recent MarketWatch report, Dragon Products, Ltd. is expanding its frac equipment rebuilding efforts to help oil production companies meet new market demand.

Refurbishing used equipment can help production companies meet demand and put their oilfield equipment back to work. As a leader among frac pump manufacturers, Dragon Products, Ltd. has the in-house technology and expertise to test, service, repair and rebuild virtually every unit in any frac fleet. Home to one of Dragon’s total refurbishing locations, Odessa, TX is strategically located to assist in the Permian Basin. Dragon also has similar facilities in Beaumont, TX, Alvarado, TX, and Wooster, OH.

“With oil prices rising, we are expanding our efforts in rebuilding oilfield equipment. Our state of the art test pads provide diagnostics for a variety of centrifugal pumps, blenders and hydration units,” says Mike Spencer, Vice President of Operations and Stimulation Equipment. “With more than 50 years of experience in oilfield equipment manufacturing, Dragon is also equipped to repair and service their equipment as well as equipment from other leading manufacturers.”

“Everything from power end rebuilds on frac pumps to changing discharge pumps on blenders, Dragon can handle it,” Charles Baker, General Manager, Dragon Products Ohio.

Dragon Frac Pump & Frac Equipment Rebuilding

Frac equipment rebuilding services performed include, but are not limited to: initial troubleshooting by test facilities; un-paralleled fabrication repairs, replacements, and upgrades on engine/pump/mechanical mounts, frames, and floats; in-house hydraulic systems inspection and repair/replace/upgrade (includes all hoses, tanks, pumps, valve, etc.); in-house electrical systems inspection and repair/replace/upgrade; in-house Power End and Fluid End repair/rebuild/testing on centrifugal, piston, and other various pumps. Additional systems repaired: LAS, cement mix heads, blower units, augers, mixing tubs, manifolds, plumbing, hoppers. Units are re-assembled with future maintenance in mind.

As activity in oil patches across the US begins to pick up, having equipment that is high-functioning and ready to deploy is critical to meet demand. Dragon stands ready with the necessary equipment and experience to get any fleet back in service. For more information, visit our frac equipment refurbishing page.