Grey Bonded Valves

Dragon offers a full range of pump parts and expendables including fluid ends, valves, seats, and plungers for virtually all makes of pumps. Engineered and manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities across North America, all Dragon equipment and parts are severe duty engineered to perform in the harshest environments. Dragon service centers are strategically located across every major hydrocarbon producing region and extensively outfitted with all the parts needed to keep your operation running. Backed by skilled technicians Dragon also has the expertise to completely rebuild your fluid ends and pumps.

  • “Industry Standard” valve sizing currently offering 3.75”-4.00” and 4.50”-5.00” sizes.
  • Single piece 8620 casting, machined to strict tolerances.
  • Valve surface hardened (carburized) for prolonged wear.
  • Valve designed using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software and fully tested via computer model.
  • Independently field tested.

  • Legs have been tapered.
  • Legs have large “guide” pads.
  • The Dragon Gray Bonded Valve is a MDI/Polycaprolactone compared to the STD MDl/Polyester.
  • Our Gray Bonded Valve is good to 225°F compared to the STD 180°F.
  • Operates in conditions up to 28% HCL.

  • Better flow characteristics
  • Valve remains centered in the seat. This ensures the urethane makes a symmetrical seal each time it contacts the seat. Un-even sealing causes the urethane to fail prematurely.
  • Will yield improved abrasion properties.
  • Equals higher temperature applications.
  • Will not swell as the STD MDl/Polyester does in very small concentrations of HCL.

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