Hot Product carbon Steel Chemical tank Trailer

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7000 Gallon Hot Product Tank Trailer


• TYPE: Straight Round, DOT 49CFR173.247
• CAPACITY: 7000 Gallons, PLUS 2%
• DESIGN PRESSURE: 3 PSI Internal 5 PSIG Hydrostatic Test
• SHELL: 10 GA, A1011 Carbon Steel
• HEAD: 10 GA, A1011 Carbon Steel
• STIFFENER RINGS: External Channel, Solid Welded
• SPILL DAM: Atmospheric Vent in spill DAM with Slosh/Surge drain return to tank and overfill/spill drain with external drain tubes.
• MANWAY: 20″ Manhole, single down, graphite gasket in lid, near center of tank, hinged to front.
• OUTLET VALVE: Betts rear head valve, 6″ body w/ 4″ outlet
• THERMOMETER: 50 – 550F DEG installed on curb side
• INSULATION: 5” R19 around all of the barrel w/5” roxel spacer on @ jacket seams, .04 mill finished lapped seams, .06 mill aluminum lock seam jacker on heads. Double sided vhb tape (6) jacket seams,
expansion clips installed on (2) seams.

• HOSE TROUGH: (1) – 16” X 20’ Hose through curb side
• LADDER: Bolt on ladder to spill box with top platform step and grab handles (no side handrail) installed on curb side. 12″ wide
walkway @ sides and rear of spill dam.
• LIGHTS: Full dot lights, led seal lights, harness
and junction box with terminal strip.
• SUSPENSION: Carbon steel sub frame with tandem axel
• AXLES: 25,000 lb round w/outboard drums, dura-light lightweight hubs and cast lite drums 71-1/2” TRACK
• WHEELS: 10 hole, aluminum, 8.25 X 24.5 hub pilot
• TIRES: 11R22.5 highway tread
• BRAKES: air disc brakes, auto slacks, 4S/2M
merritor-wabco abs system
• UPPER COUPLER: 1/2” bolster plate, bolt on adjustble, 49” truck 5th wheel height
• LEVEL GAUGE: barrel markers installed in manway neck.
• LANDING LEGS: 2 speed, heavy duty, high capacity lift 19” jost
• BUMPER: heavy duty per dot requirements
• FENDERS: 3/4 fenders on front, full on rear
• COATING: Internal: noncoated, as welded.
• exterior, bottom, 1/3 barrel and internal/external of spill dam coated with black high temp paint. Internal of rings coated with high temp black paint. Suspension and upper coupler painted metalic silver
with high solid polyurethane, 4-6 mil dry film thickness.
• MUD FLAPS: 3/8” rubber anti sail
• PLACARDS: 4 – slide in placard frames


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