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Liquid Tank Trailers

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Vacuum Tankers and Trailers

Need some tough vacuum tankers for your construction side or septic job? You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in the wide selection of vacuum trailers from Dragon. We carry vacuum tankers ranging from Super Lightweight to Super Duty (Heavy Duty), so no matter the application, you can count on them to get the job done without breaking a sweat. If you need assistance while browsing our vacuum trailers for sale, contact one of our expert team members — we’re always eager to help! View our vacuum tankers for sale or peruse the rest of our liquid tank trailers today.

120 bbl asme code steel

Super Lightweight 130 BBL

130 BBL Stainless steel

130 BBL Super Duty Non-Code

137 BBL Low Profile Non-COde

193 BBL Non-Code Steel

150 BBL Aluminum

7,000 Gallon Aluminum

107 BBL Rear-Open Vacuum

95 BBL Aluminum Bobtail

80 BBL Full Open Rear Hatch

70-105 BBL Carbon Steel

150 BBL Aluminum

130 BBL Low Center Of Gravity

150 BBL Aluminum Low

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