LPG and NGL Storage

Dragon LPG and NGL vessels are engineered and built for severe-duty performance. They undergo the industry’s most exacting coating and lining process, for the highest level of corrosion resistance. All exterior surfaces are steel grit blasted to finish SP6 and coated with light color epoxy primer. Plus every new unit is National Board Certified and conforms to the latest ASME, Section VIII, Div. 1 rules for construction. Standard operating pressure and temperature are 250 PSI at 125°F.  Dragon offers a full range of configurations, including skidded tanks that are available fully valved with load out station.


12,000 Gallons
18,000 Gallons
30,000 Gallons
60,000 Gallons
90,000 Gallons


Stationary Saddle Mounted
Skid Mounted
Mobile Storage Tanks

Porta Pak

Skidded LPG/NGL Tank with Loading Bulkhead and Pump