Mobile Hot Oil Trucks
Mobile Hot Oil Trucks

Mobile Hot Oil Trucks


  • 75 BBL capacity tank, 1/4” steel shell and heads, with 2 baffles
  • Sump for full bottom suction
  • Hydraulically driven load and charge pump

  • 7 Million BTU input, propane fired
  • Direct spark ignited pilot with manual control valve
  • 2” SCH 40 A106 pipe, heat exchanger core with finned pipe on top 2 layers
  • Single pass design, pressure tested to 3000 psi, direct fired
  • 4” Ceramic fiber insulation, 2300 DEG rated
  • Insulated top with stainless steel hood

  • Road side mounted control station
  • Lower panel with manual controls for truck clutch, transfer case, truck PTO, load/unload pump, charge pump, air pressure gauge, load/unload pressure gauges, main power switch, sight glass wash pump switch Upper panel with touch screen display, indicator lights for lower panel controls, user adjustable setting switches, igniter switch, E-Kill switch, trip status lights, throttle adjustment switch, fire system discharge switch
  • Heater system controls include; electronic fuel valve, over temperature stop, over core pressure stop, flow switch stop (loss of flow), igniter switch
  • Heater system displays include; core inlet/outlet temperature, core inlet/ outlet pressure, fuel pressure
  • High pressure pump controls include; over pressure trip, barrel rate set up
  • High pressure pump displays include; discharge pressure, barrel per minute, barrel totals
  • Other displays include; critical engine data, engine trouble codes, charge pump (system) flow meter (rate/total)
  • Spicer 784 auxiliary transmission to drive high pressure pump
  • 150 gal hydraulic oil tank with return line filter
  • Curb side mounted iron rack, 8 PCS 13’ long x 1 1/2” pipe with unions
  • Tool boxes, 1 – 36 “ long driver side @barrel center, 2 – 48” long each side at rear
  • Chemical tanks, 2 – 25 gal each @ each side rear
  • Rear hose rack
  • Hose rack on curb side near charge pump hose storage at rear under tank, 4 – 10’ tubes
  • Fire extinguishers, 3 – 20lb a/b/c
  • Work lights, 6 LED, 4 between heater chamber and front of tank, 2 at rear of tank
  • Twin stack ASME propane tank at rear, 480 gal nominal
  • LED tail, reverse, and marker lights
  • All surfaces primed and painted with high solids urethane paint

  • 3” Roper, model 5558, hydraulically driven,

  • 3” X 2” Viking, LV3900, hydraulically driven, variable speed

  • Gardner Denver, TEE Triplex Pump 3” plungers, 5” stroke
  • 80-3 Chain drive, 52/15 sprockets, tensioner bolts on driver side with guard
  • 2” Threaded pipe installed for customer installed pressure reli


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