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RANCO 10Wheel Box and Pup Trailer

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CAPACITY: 13.5 cubic yards (approx.)
WEIGHT: 3,825# (approx.)
PAINT: Polyurethane
BODY LENGHT: 15’ (other lenghts available)
BODY MATERIAL: 10 gauge Hi-tensile steel (other options available)
BULKHEAD: 10 gauge Hi-tensile steel (other options materials)HYDRAULIC HOIST: 135″ Four stage
TAIL GATE: Air-lift gate 4″ cylinders 10ga. Hi-tensile
GATE CONTROLS: Actuated from truck cab
FENDERS: Steel welded on
LADDERS: On driver side front of bulkhead
ELECTRICAL: DOT approved 12 volt sealed lighting system
PLUMBING: DOT approved system
UNDER MOUNT: Sub frame with hydraulic tank
AIR FLAPS: Standard

CAPACITY: 13.8 cubic yards approx.
WEIGHT: 2,750 lbs. approx.
PAINT: Polyurethane
BODY HEIGHT: 6″ over (48″ floor to top rail) up to 12″ over (54″ floor to top rail)
BODY MATERIAL: 10 or 12 gauge Hi-tensile steel (other options available)
BULKHEAD: 10 gauge Hi-tensile steel (other options available)
TAIL GATE: Manual swing gate with bearing hinge pins
TARP HOOKS: None (available options)
STEPS: Option – Front and/or rear tub
DRIVE: 1-A 2 Stud 12 volt
GEAR BOX: 25 to 1 Gear Ratio
BATTERY: 12 v Deep Marine Battery


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