RANCO Frameless High Cube
End Dump Trailer

RANCO Frameless High Cube End Dump
  • DESCRIPTION: 45ft, 102” high wall, end dump trailer, frameless style, 96 wide box and 102 wide axles
  • TYPE: halfround tub steel end dump
  • CAPACITY: not to exceed dot bridge laws, distributed
  • COMMODITY: any, 95cuyd capacity
  • LENGTH: 45ft over all lenght, 43ft tub length
  • BOX: ¼” thk AR400 single sheet rolled halfround panels
  • HOIST: 9” dia, 5 stage, single acting, 320” stroke
  • WELDS: all welds full penetration, 70k wire
  • REAR GATE: barndoor only, full swing, 3/16” plate gate, with adjustable hinges for wear
  • COUPLER: T-1 steel pickup plate, with bushing saddles
  • DROP LEGS: 2 speed, mounted to the draft arms
  • NOSE: AR400 same thickness as body
  • LIGHTS: full dot lights, led sealed lights and harness
  • SUSPENSION: 102wide tandem axle, hutch H900 #50,000
  • WHEELS: 10 hole, hub pilot, steel
  • TIRES: standard cut and chip
  • BRAKES: 16 1/2 x 7 with spring parking, auto slacks, Wabco 4s-2m abs system
  • BUSHINGS: all joints with greasable fittings
  • ACCESS: side access ladder, front steps
  • MUD FLAPS: anti sail

  • TARPS: none supplied, available per customer request

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