RANCO Standard Aluminum End Dump

RANCO Standard Aluminum End Dump Trailer for mobile

vantage 39' Aluminum End Dump Trailer


  • Description: Aluminum Extruded/Double High Wall End Dump Trailer
  • Capacity: Not to exceed DOT Bridge Laws, Distributed
  • Length: 468” (39 ft) overall length, at lower rail
  • Box: 5454 H32 Aluminum, 1/4” Thick floor, 3/16” Thick wall face, hollow core, 96 wide on 102 wide axles
  • Floor Structure: 4” High aluminum channel, 12” on center
  • Hoist: 8” DIA, 5 stage, single acting, 265” stroke
  • Rear Gate: Gravity, with (2) air cylinder gate latches, valved to the draft arm movement, rubber sealed, 3/16” gate face, hollow core
  • Draft Arm: Wide set steel tubular, structurally pinned to aluminum floor channels
  • Drop Legs: Steel, mounted to the draft arms
  • Subframe: 18” Deep extruded heavy aluminum beam, including internal structure
  • Nose: 3/16” Alum 5454-H32, with heavy doghouse structure for joist support, capped with steel bolted plate
  • Lights: Full DOT lights, lead sealed lights, harness and junction box with terminal strip
  • Suspension: Bolt on Watson Chalin Integra TI300 (Light weight integreated) Air ride, 30,000 lb per axle, tandem axle
  • Wheels: 10 Hole, Hub pilot, Steel or Aluminum (optional)
  • Tires 11R x 24.5, 16ply
  • Brakes: 16 1/2 X 7 with spring parking, auto slacks, Wabco 4S-2M ABS System
  • Tire Carrier: One, mounted ahead of the suspension frame
  • Mud Flaps: Anti-sail


  • Tarps: Available per customer request
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • 3/8″ HMW Floor liner only
  • Spare Tire Rack
  • 3rd Brake Light

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