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Roll-Off Equipment

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ROLL Off Trailers and Containers

Dragon roll off equipment- which includes a variety of roll off trailers, roll off hoists and roll off waste boxes- are designed for durability and ease of operation.  We supply equipment to some of the biggest service providers in waste collection, storage, removal, hauling and recycling and landfill services. You will find Dragon roll off equipment hard at work in refining, petrochem, oilfield and constructio.

Roll-OFF Trailers

Dragon offers single container and two container roll off trailers as well as a 26’ “shorty.” The two container trailer allows a single operator the ability to load and haul two 16’- 22’ boxes. With an overall length of 48’ – 6”, a rail length of 31’- 3” and a rail height of 60” The single container trailer has an overall length of 34’, a rail length 31’- 3” and a rail height of 60” and can carry containers ranging from 18’-30’ in length. Dragon manufactured roll off hoists are available as a “Ship-Out” complete unit or factory installed at one of our locations.

Single Container Trailer

Two Container Trailer

Universal Winch Bed

Roll-off Hoist Tag

Shorty Roll-Off Trailer

Roll-Off Hoists

Vacuum Boxes

Vacumm Box container

Trash & Solid Waste Containers

Open Top

roll – off dumpster

Liquid Tight Containers

Our waste containers are designed for durability and come in 20, 30 and 40 cu yard capacities for a variety of waste hauling applications. To learn more about our waste hauling roll off equipment and our waste container options which includes our super duty sliding lid, open top solid waste, vacuum boxes, filter baskets and waste dewatering systems call us today!

Light Weight Silt Proof

Round Skid Tank

Heavy Duty Open Top

Super Duty Open Top

Heavy Duty Split Rolling Lid

Heavy Duty Open Top

Filter Basket

Heavy Duty Intermodal


Dewatering Box

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