Dry Bulk Pneumatic Trailer

Vantage Aluminum Pneumatic Transport Trailer
Dry Bulk Pneumatic Trailer

Aluminum Pneumatic Transport Trailer


  • Capacity: 1050 cu. ft.
  • Available Options: 1250 cu. ft., 1600 cu. ft., 2000 cu. ft.
  • Tank Construction : 5454-H32 aluminum tanks. Designed operating pressure of 15 psi. 45-degree hopper slope.
  • Manholes: 20” heavy-duty cast aluminum, with aluminum cam handles and replaceable nylon wear plates under each hold-downs. Two cover retainers per manhole. White neoprene gaskets in manhole covers. Manholes hinged on curbside.
  • Air Lines Inlet 3” : 10 aluminum line with welded adapter street side front of tank. One (1) check valve near P.T.O. inlet. One (1) check valve upstream of front hopper discharge.
  • Aeration System : (3) BTI SpinFloTM aerators per hopper, “hopper saver” wear plates included. 3” aluminum air manifold with 2” hoses supplying air to aeration system.
  • Aeration Control: 3” BTI BlackMaxxTM butterfly valve (AlloMaxx disc, MaxxLife seat), with handle. Located street side to manage airflow to air manifold line.
  • Product Valve: 5” BTI BlackMaxxTM butterfly valve (AlloMaxx disc, MaxxLife seat), with HD aluminum handle.
  • Product Line: 4” Sch. 40 galvenized line between hoppers. BTI All-n-One clamp connectors between hoppers.
  • Gauges: (2) liquid-filled, one tank pressure, one-line pressure. Range 0-30 psi located near valve operators.
  • Ladder: Aluminum with serrated rungs and top step. Mounted at the center rear over the chassis frame. Ladder rails protrude up and over the rear of the vessel. Grab handle at trailer chassis frame.
  • Walkway: Adhesive-backed skid-resistant tape between toe rails. Toe rails extend past front manhole.
  • Hose Holder: Adjustable-height aluminum hose stand mounted at front for hose. Male adapter for stowing free end of hose, located curbside. Adapter size corresponds to air inlet adapter size.
  • Splash Guard: Anti-sail and anti-spray for front. Anti-sail and anti-spray for rear.
  • Lights: 12-volt flange-mount LED lamp system complying to FMVSS with conspicuity markings each side and rear.
  • Wiring: 12-volt system, 7-wire, molded harness throughout. “Plug-together” modular style harness. 7-way SAE J560 connector.
  • Landing Gear: Jost model UL T-17 2-speed, sealed gearbox with arctic-grade grease, 70,000 lbs. rated lift capacity with 10” x 12” swivel type shoes, street side crank, and 8-hole mounting bolt pattern. Gray powder-coated landing legs, cross shaft and back bracing.
  • Suspension System: Includes Hendrickson raised center axle AAT23K-RC air ride suspension & brake system, 71.5” track, parallel spindle, 23,000 lb. beam rating, 49” spacing, with single leveling valve. Stainless hangers.
  • Brake System: WABCO RSS 4S/2M ABS (4-wheel sensors – 2 modulator valves). Constant power is standard on auxiliary (blue) center pin of SAE J560 7-way. “Quick-Release” service line glad-hands. (2 ) aluminum 1488 cu. In. tanks. System designed to meet FMVSS requirements.
  • Brake Lining: Includes 16.5” x 7” (quick-change type) premium ABEX 30/30-197 5/8” thick extended service S-cam type brake shoes.
  • Axles (2) Integral with air ride.
  • Seals Premium OEM seals.
  • Paint: Silver metallic paint on steel parts only.


  • Tarps: none supplied, but available per customer request

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