500 BBL V-Bottom Frac Trailer
with Smooth-Walls

Smooth Wall V-Bottom Liquid Storage Frac Tank
  • FLOOR: 1/4″ PL, V-Bottom With Integral Formed Side Channels
  • FLOOR SUPPORT: 10″ Channel Longitudinal Runners With 8″ Channel And Formed 1/4 PL Channel Crossmembers
  • WALLS: 1/4″ PL Solid Welded, Smooth Inside, With formed Channel Supports Outside
  • ROOF: 2-Step Design, 1/4″ PL Solid Welded With Channel Supports Outside
  • DRAIN / FILL: 4″ Drain At Floor Each End, 3″ Fill Pipe To Roof At Front, 4″ Connection On Front, 8″ Flanged Front Manifold Connection With Inside Flange, 4″ Connection On Roof
  • MANWAY: 21″ Manway On Front, Side, And (2) On Roof
  • PICK UP: Standard 5th Wheel King Pin
  • WELDS: All Welds Continuous Except Substructure Crossmembers
  • AXLE: 25,000lb. Axle With Air Breaks, 11.00 X 22.5 Bias Tires On Steel Disc Wheels
  • FINISH: Per Customer Specifications
  • HYDROTESTING: Full Capacity Static Test
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall: 42′ Long, 8′-6″ Wide, 11′ High; 500 Barrel Capacity
  • Tank Pressure / Vacuum Relief Vent
  • Level Gauging
  • OPTIONS: Special Tank Linings, Special Sizes, Open Top Design, Fixed Or Removable Steam Coils, 8″ Exterior Manifold Assembly

1/4″ Steel Plate Tank Construction, Smooth Interior Walls For Easier Cleaning, V-Bottom Floor For Better Drainage, 3″ Fill Line, Manways Conveniently Located On Front, Side And Top, 4″ Drains And Front Inlet / Outlet, Heavy Duty Nosebar Assembly

    1. Flange Mount Blaylock LL 10 P/V Vent 16oz Pressure, 0.4oz Vac Settings
    2. 2″ Coupling With Plug
    3. 4″ Flange With Blind Cover
    4. 21″ Manway Domed Lid And Bars
    5. 3″ Elbow Fill Line With Cap
    6. Safety Walk Way (36″ Grating)
    7. Access Stairs
    8. Level Gauge With 8″ Stainless Steel Ball “Y” Support Hold Ball 1″ Minimum Off Floor
    9. Front Drain With Valve, Threaded Flange, Plug, Chain
    10. 21″ Manway, Domed Lid (2)
    11. 11.00 X 22/5 Tubeless Tire On 10 Hold Steel Wheel
    12. Folding Hand Rails
    13. 4″ Flange Valve, Threaded Flange, Plug, Chain Remote Operation Handle
    14. 25K Axle, Automatic Slack Adjusters, Top Mounted 30 Service Chambers, Outboard Drums, Hutch 9700 Suspension, 3 Leaf High Arch Springs
    15. DOT Tail Lights And Lower Market Lights, No Top Lights
    16. 4″ Coupling With Plug

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