500 BBL V-Bottom Frac Trailer with Smooth-Walls
500 BBL V-Bottom Frac Trailer with Smooth-Walls

500 BBL V-Bottom Frac Trailer with Smooth-Walls


  • FLOOR: 1/4″ PL, V-Bottom With Integral Formed Side Channels
  • FLOOR SUPPORT: 10″ Channel Longitudinal Runners With 8″ Channel And Formed 1/4 PL Channel Crossmembers
  • WALLS: 1/4″ PL Solid Welded, Smooth Inside, With formed Channel Supports Outside
  • ROOF: 2-Step Design, 1/4″ PL Solid Welded With Channel Supports Outside
  • DRAIN / FILL: 4″ Drain At Floor Each End, 3″ Fill Pipe To Roof At Front, 4″ Connection On Front, 8″ Flanged Front Manifold Connection With Inside Flange, 4″ Connection On Roof
  • MANWAY: 21″ Manway On Front, Side, And (2) On Roof
  • PICK UP: Standard 5th Wheel King Pin
  • WELDS: All Welds Continuous Except Substructure Crossmembers
  • AXLE: 25,000lb. Axle With Air Breaks, 11.00 X 22.5 Bias Tires On Steel Disc Wheels
  • FINISH: Per Customer Specifications
  • HYDROTESTING: Full Capacity Static Test
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall: 42′ Long, 8′-6″ Wide, 11′ High; 500 Barrel Capacity
  • Tank Pressure / Vacuum Relief Vent
  • Level Gauging
  • OPTIONS: Special Tank Linings, Special Sizes, Open Top Design, Fixed Or Removable Steam Coils, 8″ Exterior Manifold Assembly

Standard Features

1/4″ Steel Plate Tank Construction, Smooth Interior Walls For Easier Cleaning, V-Bottom Floor For Better Drainage, 3″ Fill Line, Manways Conveniently Located On Front, Side And Top, 4″ Drains And Front Inlet / Outlet, Heavy Duty Nosebar Assembly


  • Flange Mount Blaylock LL 10 P/V Vent 16oz Pressure, 0.4oz Vac Settings
  • 2″ Coupling With Plug
  • 4″ Flange With Blind Cover
  • 21″ Manway Domed Lid And Bars
  • 3″ Elbow Fill Line With Cap
  • Safety Walk Way (36″ Grating)
  • Access Stairs
  • Level Gauge With 8″ Stainless Steel Ball “Y” Support Hold Ball 1″ Minimum Off Floor
  • Front Drain With Valve, Threaded Flange, Plug, Chain
  • 21″ Manway, Domed Lid (2)
  • 11.00 X 22/5 Tubeless Tire On 10 Hold Steel Wheel
  • Folding Hand Rails
  • 4″ Flange Valve, Threaded Flange, Plug, Chain Remote Operation Handle
  • 25K Axle, Automatic Slack Adjusters, Top Mounted 30 Service Chambers, Outboard Drums, Hutch 9700 Suspension, 3 Leaf High Arch Springs
  • DOT Tail Lights And Lower Market Lights, No Top Lights
  • 4″ Coupling With Plug


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