Stainless Steel Chemical Tanker Trailer

Stainless Steel Chemical Trailer

TYPE: straight round, DOT 407 spec
CAPACITY: 7000 gallons, plus 2%
COMMODITY: unspecified fluids
DESIGN PRESSURE: 25 PSI internal 38 PSIG hydrostatic test
TEMP: 250 DEG F maximum
SHELL: 10 GA, 316L Stainless steel, 2B finish
HEAD: 10 GA, 316L Stainless steel, 2B finish, ASME F&D
BAFFLE: none
WELDS: internal: longitudinal – planished (high pressure cold formed after welding), ground flush, circumferential – ground flush external shell: as welded, visible externalweld smoke and discoloration removed
STIFFENER RINGS: external channel, solid welded
MANWAY: 20” manhole, 6 hold down, hypalon gasket in lid, near center of tank, hinged to front
CLEANOUTS: 2 – 3” male pipe nipple with stainless steel on top center line, within 10” from each head seam
OVER TURN PROTECTION: spill dam at top manway with drain hose, includes relief valve and vapor recovery valve
EMERGENCY VALVE: betts 4” x 3”hydraulic operated external emergency valve. Pump located at rear, fusible/frangible breakaway located at front
OUTLET VALVE: Betts 3” qrb hydrolet with 90 deg outlet, 3” spool piping as short as possible (if needed). 3” SS cam lock and cap with retainer cable
VAPOR RECOVERY: 3” x 2 tee style hydraulic operated valve sequenced with emergency valve, pressure gauge installed in tank connection pipe, top connection with ball valve, cam lock and cap, drivers side connection at rear with pressure gauge, ball valve, cam lock and cap
RELIEF’S: DOT specification, fort vale stainless steel pressure/vacuum relief valve, located in spill dam with air kit and gauge
THERMOMETER: 0 – 300 deg installed on side
HEATING SYSTEM: stainless steel channels full length, 150 PSI MAWP, steam and in transit, inlet and outlet at front
INSULATION: 6” fiberglass compressed to 5”
JACKETING: 22 GA BA/SS, lapped seams, 18 GA #4 finish lock seam jacket on heads
ADDITIONAL COMPONENTS: all bolsters, long members, sub frame, suspension box, bumper, hose tube mounts and fender mounts constructed from stainless steel
HOSE TUBE: 2 – 8” x 21’ hose tube, one each side
LADDER: bolt on ladder to spill box with top platform step and grab handles (no side hand rail) installed on curb side. 19” wide walkway to cleanouts, 12 wide on 3 sides of spill dam
LIGHTS: full DOT lights, led sealed lights, harness and junction box with terminal strip
SUSPENSION: hutch 9700 with 3 leaf high arch springs air ride optional
AXLES: 25,000 lb round with outboard drums
WHEELS: 10 hole steel, hub pilot
TIRES: 11.00 x 24.5 radial
BRAKES: 16 1/2 x 7 with spring parking, auto slacks, WABCO 4S-2M ABs system
UPPER COUPLER: 5/16” bolster plate, bolt on adjustable 49” truck 5th wheel height
LANDING LEGS: 2 speed, heavy duty, high capacity lift
BUMPER: heavy duty per dot requirements
FENDERS: 3/4 fenders on front, full on rear
MUD FLAPS: anti sail
PLACARDS: 4 – slide in placard frames

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