About Dragon Production Equipment

Dragon Production Equipment is a division of Dragon Products, a U.S. company founded in 1963. For more than a half a century, Dragon has engineered and manufactured the highest quality equipment for segments across the oil & gas industry. Building upon that legacy, Dragon has put the resources in place to offer the full range of surface production equipment. Dragon Production Equipment is high quality to the core. Everything we offer is built to perform in the worst of the worst severe-duty environments. We know because we engineer and manufacture every component, every unit, every system in house.

We also back our products with an unmatched level of support. Dragon people stand ready 24/7 to provide technical assistance, training, repair and maintenance wherever our customers need us. With Dragon you have no constraints. We do whatever it takes to help you solve your challenges and meet your business goals.

Make it happen.

  • 50+ years engineering and manufacturing severe-duty equipment
  • 30+ years of oil & gas manufacturing experience
  • 25+ years experience custom coating and lining tank trailers