RANCO Side Dump Trailer

RANCO Side Dump Trailer

Ranco Side Dump Trailer


  • Description: 40ft tandem w/34ft tub, 42ft tandem w/36ft tub, 44ft tridem w/36ft tub
  • Type: 5 hinge steel side dump trailer
  • Capacity: 21 cubic yards level, 30 cubic yard heaped on 34ft tub, 22 cubic yard level, 32 cubic yard heaped on a 36ft tub
  • Commodity: Any, thicker tub suggested on demolition material
  • Length: 40ft, 42ft, or 44ft measured at lower frame
  • Tub: ¼ AR400 panels with 3/16” upper rail structure
  • Hoist: 5” DIA, single, dual acting 34” stroke cylinder
  • Welds: All welds full penetration, 70k wire
  • Hinge points: Steel pinned on UHMW innerbearinged steel rollers
  • Coupler: T-1 steel pickup plate, with 3/8 structural stiffeners
  • Legs: Joist 2 speed supports mounted to lower frame
  • Subframe: Fabricated I beam structure with suspension and lower hinge mounts
  • Lights: Full DOT lights, led sealed lamps, and circuit breakers in the nosebox
  • Suspension: 102 wide axle, customer choice, H900 single point, Watson Chalin Airride, or H9700 spring
  • Wheels: 10 hole, hub pilot, per customer spec
  • Tires: Per customer spec
  • Brakes: 16 1/2 x 7 with spring parking, auto slacks, Wabco 4S-2M ABS System
  • Bushings: All joints with greasable fittings
  • Mud flaps: Anti-sail


  • Wet kit: 2000PSI, 30-35 GPM System
  • Tarps: Available per customer request

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