Rig Mats & Oil Field Matting

The average life of a Rig Mat is 10 years. However, constructed soundly can stay active for 15-20 years. Our 8’ x 40’ Rig Mats consist of eight independent wood sections made up of rough cut 2” x 6” treated pine nailed together for superior rigidity. All Dragon Rig Mats are made with 6 x 15# beam cross members unlike other mats that are made with flat bar cross members.


  • 6” x 6” horizontally placed treated wood cross members
  • Oak cross members
  • Size up to 12’ wide and 60’ long
  • Additional reinforced lifting slots
  • Boxed sides
  • Additional surface treatment
  • End cap ramps
  • Additional longitudinal beams

Mobile Workover Rigs

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