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Liquid Tank Trailers

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Every year there are new challenges and applications in the world of hauling. Dragon continually answers the call with its expansive line of innovative trailer products, from vacuum tanks to removable necks to container trailers. Customers go with the Dragon name because they know we understand their challenges, and that we have the engineering experience and production capacity to deliver the severe-duty equipment, service and support they need – every time, everywhere.

Crude Haulers

Double Conical Aluminum

Canada market

double conical aluminum


low profile double conical aluminum Tank Trailer

Vacuum Trailers

Our full line of Vacuum Trailer are built in a variety of sizes and styles, and built to handle a variety of loads and needs. From ‘Super Lightweight’ to ‘Super Duty / Heavy Duty’ Vacuum Trailers, we have what you need to get the job done. And, as always, Dragon backs every product it manufactures with exceptional customer support.

120 bbl asme code steel

Super Lightweight 130 BBL

130 BBL Stainless steel

130 BBL Super Duty Non-Code

137 BBL Low Profile Non-COde

193 BBL Non-Code Steel

150 BBL Aluminum

7,000 Gallon Aluminum

107 BBL Rear-Open Vacuum

95 BBL Aluminum Bobtail

80 BBL Full Open Rear Hatch

70-105 BBL Carbon Steel

150 BBL Aluminum

130 BBL Low Center Of Gravity

150 BBL Aluminum Low

LPG/LNG Transport

LNG Transport Trailer

“Queen” Regasification Trailer



Gas Fired Water Bath Vaporizer

Vaporizer Skid Unit

“rook” regasification


Stainless steel

Chemical Tanker trailer


7,000 – Gallon


Liquid Tank Trailers That Make It Happen

For over 50 years, industry leaders have relied on Dragon for the liquid tank trailers they need to get the job done. We have the capacity to manufacture and deliver the crude oil haulers, vacuum trailers and other tank trailers you depend on. Dragon tank trailers are prized for their durability and reliability. Every Dragon tanker is certified to the highest standards to ensure the performance your toughest applications demand.


Tank Trailers That Meet Your Requirements

Our high-volume manufacturing, rigorous quality control and dedicated customer service ensure your delivery deadlines and volume requirements are achieved. We design, engineer, manufacture, test, support and service our liquid tank trailers to meet your specifications.

Whether you need to transport fuel, petroleum or other types of liquid cargo, Dragon tank trailers are up to the challenge. We offer double conical aluminum crude haulers for both the United States market and the Canadian market, along with a wide range of other truck options, like a 120 BBL ASME Code Vacuum Tank Trailer, an LNG Transport Trailer, a Stainless Steel Chemical Tanker Trailer and a 7,000-Gallon Hot Product Tank Trailer.


Is Financing Available for Dragon Tank Trailers?

We believe in being a full partner to our customers and offer assistance to purchase, lease or finance our liquid tank trailers.


What Code are Your Liquid Tank Trailers Built To?

We engineer and build tank trailers to DOT ASME code and non-code. Dragon tank trailers are designed to meet your highest standards.


What if I Need Parts for my Tank Trailers?

We have an immense inventory of equipment and parts for our liquid tank trailers. You can shop trailer parts online for quick, efficient service.


Trust Your Liquid Tank Trailer Needs to Dragon

With total precision at the core of everything we do, Dragon tank trailers are built to deliver the highest quality and consistency. You know you can rely on our liquid tank trailers to perform in the harshest conditions your operations face. Contact us today to learn more.

Speak with one of our dedicated sales staff to learn more 877.231.8198